Meet Lori

I a013Christmas Framem an animal lover. Obviously. I get that from my grandfather. And my dad.

I grew up in a family where animals were always a part of our lives. Members of the family. Most of my childhood was spent with animals of all kinds. Horses, hamsters, dogs, cats and even pigs at my aunt’s house.

My childhood is filled with so many memories of our animals. My very first pets were two hamsters named Snowball and Speedy. I remember one night Speedy wasn’t doing well. Not exactly sure what was wrong with him, but my mom and I stayed up, feeding that little guy milk with an eyedropper. We wrapped him up in a baby blanket and kept him warm. Miraculously, he survived and was up to his old tricks the very next day. Tiffany the cat, who much to my mother’s dismay, was in the habit of pooping in her shoes! (Thanks mom for putting up with that!!) Buffy, the cat I secretly brought home. As a present for my boyfriend. Yeah, right. Buffy ended up being a boy, so we changed his name to Bubby.

Every summer we’d visit my grandparents. We had a pony named Nelly there. I would spend every spare minute riding her up and down the mountain roads. And Tippy, my grandfather’s German Shepherd! I loved that dog. She would sleep on the porch and jump up when she heard my grandfather’s truck driving up the road. Miles away! And I can’t forget Midnight. Poor little thing. She was a sweet puppy who made the mistake of taking Tippy’s bone. She was injured pretty badly. My grandmother and I tried to save her, but all she could do was walk in a circle. We had to put her to sleep. So many animals! Tia, Abby and Abbie, Solo, Icy…. seems every family member had dogs. Cats. Horses.

My dad and I shared a love of horses and it was something we could do together. I remember when dad and I went to find a horse. We went to some sort of auction house. And there we found our horse! Actually, three! I’m pretty sure this auction was the “last st017Christmas Frameop” for some of the horses and my dad couldn’t let them go “to the glue factory”, so we brought 3 home. Madison, a gorgeous white horse, Casey, a Palomino and Peaches, a light colored Appaloosa. Peaches, my dad found out, was pregnant. Several months later, she gave birth to Tommy. Peaches died from a complication of giving birth. I’ll never forget the day my dad came into my room to tell me what happened. It was only the second time I had seen him cry. The first when my grandfather died. My dad and the ranch hands took care of Tommy. Even fed that baby with a bottle. Yep, I definitely get my love of animals from him.

I don’t know about you, but I love my animals to pieces. They bring me such joy. I love when I come home and Gabby, my dog, can’t stop dancing. Or when I’ve been working on the computer too long, she will sit next to me and stare. If that doesn’t work, she’ll bring every single toy into the room and drop them at my feet. At night, Francis sleeps with us. He will cuddle right next to me, with his head on my pillow…and he doesn’t budge all night long. And sweet, gentle Enzo. That cat loves water and will sit on the edge of the tub every single morning watching us take a shower. And Peanut, our newest little rascal. She was a stray. For a week straight she would sit on our porch and meow at the top of her lungs. She really wanted to come inside. She’s one smart cookie and had me trained in a matter of days. ;) When I look at a photo of any of my animals it’s these thoughts that pop into my head. And those warm and fuzzy feelings. Corny, I know, but still, so true.

It was only natural that, when I picked up a camera, animals were what I found myself drawn toward. What an amazing adventure my life has been so far. So many animals have touched my life. So much love. So many fantastic photos! I’m so glad you have chosen me to photograph the wonderful animal in you life. I know you will treasure the images forever.