I can’t believe little Bishop is already 5 months old! He is also the sweet baby with the knit cap on in the slides show header above. Wow, time flies. I’m sure M’Lissa and Mike would agree. I even got to photograph Mr. Bish before he even entered the world.

Thanks for letting me photograph him every step of the way. Can’t wait to see how he changes.

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Meet Jeepers

Yes, the animals know whose house to come to when they have none of their own. :) This little cutie has been in the neighborhood for a few weeks now. After a week or so of eating on my porch, she decided to let me pet her. Big mistake. haha She decided she really liked it. Meowed every time she saw me. I guess she wanted more love. Needless to say, I took her to the vet, got her shots and have brought her inside. Francis and Enzo (my other cats) are really good with her. Enzo has found a new playmate. Gabby is afraid of her. Yes, my 55 pound pit bull is afraid of a 7 pound kitten.

So I guess we once again have 3 cats in the Fusaro home.

We got the name from the Louis Armstrong song, Jeepers, Creepers, from the movie “Going Places”

Susan & Mitch Sneak Peek

Posted on June 26, 2009


Congratulations again Mitch and Susan!

I had such a great time photographing your wedding. And I have to thank you again for picking such a fantastic spot. A new one to add to my list of favorite venues. I will be sure to let other couples know about Rancho Palos Verdes Interpretive Center. The location is just stunning.

And who knew vegan food could be so good. LOL Two thumbs up for Madeleine Bistro David and Molly were so nice too. Darrell and I are planning a trip out to Tarzana just to eat in their restaurant.

And now for your sneak peek…Don’t forget to adjust the volume. Enjoy!

Your Sneak Peek

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Cartoon Lori

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I’ve photographed Henry since he was 3. Time flies. He’s not a little guy any more!

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Help The Junkyard Dog (UPDATED)

Posted on June 17, 2009


It all began with my daily jog. Gabby and I have a few differnt routes we run. On this route we pass by a junkyard. Nothing out of the ordinary or unusal. Just your typical dumping ground. It’s not very big and for a junkyard it’s pretty orderly. I never see any people around.

Today was different. There was a dog in the yard. A brindle pit bull with blue eyes. (You know I’m a sucker for brindles! And pit bulls.) She is filthy and runs with us as we jog by, barking the entire way. *sigh* I wondered if I had missed her before. Unlikely, she’s pretty loud. I hoped she wouldn’t be there the next time I ran by.

Of course she was there the following day. This time Gabby and I stopped. The two of them sniffed each other through the bars. I notice how skinny she was and and that she actually has a lot of white on her. (although it’s hard to tell because she is so dirty. I look around the junkyard. Nothing for her to sleep on. No dog house. No food or water bowls. Gabby and I cut our run short and went back to the house to get some food and water for her.

She was starving. Poor girl. I bent down to pet her and she pressed herself against the bars. Just then the mail lady came by. “You’re brave” she said. “That dog barks at me every time I come by with mail. It scares the heck out of me.” We chatted for a while and I learned that the dog has been there for weeks. Most of time time sleeping under an old car. Getting up to bark and chase the passers by. I also learned the junkyard was owned by a local garage. I decided to keep an on eye this dog and bring her food and water daily.

The next day I brought a dog bed, bowls and more food. (don’t tell anyone this next part :) ) Because I left Gabby at home, I decided to climb the fence and get to know Junkyard dog better. I wasn’t afraid of the pup, but the cameras on each corner of the building did cause me pause. About 2 seconds worth. It wasn’t an easy task, but I climbed the fence without injury. As soon as I was safely on the ground Miss JYD bounded up to me and covered me with kisses. I gave her some treats, put the bed in an out of sight area and stayed with her for a while. The mail lady passed by again and started laughing at me. “Girl, you are crazy! That dog is so sweet. Who would have known.” (side note, the mail lady and I are now friends. She’s a dog lover too and has a rottie at home.)

I made my daily climb for the next week or two without getting caught. It was inevitable that I would, at some point, get discovered. That was the day. Thank goodness I was on the right side of the fence when the man came by.

Turns out the dog is owned by one of the garage mechanics. He bought her from a backyard breeder with intentions to breed her as well. He seemed nice enough, but inside my heart was racing and I was so mad.

I wanted to save this dog from a life of breeding and being left for days on end alone in the junkyard. My mother always taught me you catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar, so, as hard as it was for me,I bit my tongue and told the man he had a beautiful dog. He was very proud and that’s when he told me his plans for her.

*sigh* Inside I was shouting at him, telling him how awful it was to breed dogs, about the unscrupulous souls that buy pit bulls for fighting, that a dog isn’t a way to make money….Outwardly I said, “I pass by here everyday and pet her. I brought her a bed. I hope you don’t mind.” He didn’t.

He told me he works 3 days a week at the garage. He also informed me he lived in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs and so she would be at the junkyard permanently. UGH!

The blood started to boil again. You idiot, who takes care of her on the 4 days you’re not working? But I said, “Well I’ll keep an eye on her for you. She loves my dog Gabby. I could walk her too if you want.”

Turns out mom was right. I actually became friendly with this man and every day he’d waive as Gabby and I ran past the garage. (he even gave me keys to the lock so I didn’t need to climb the fence anymore) I started running with both Gabby and Miss JYD.

This went on for about a month. The entire time I was wishing I could take her and find her a proper home. But I’d have to be content with the situation the way it was…for now at least.

Then a miracle happened. The man flagged us down on our daily run. He said, “you sure love that dog.” I held my breath a second and then said, “Yep, I sure do.” Then he said, “do you want her?” I didn’t want to seem to anxious, so I asked him if he was sure. He had starting to feel bad that she had to live in the junkyard.

He saw the difference in her when I was there. I said, sure, I’ll take her. And so I did. In a law abiding citizen kind of way. He handed me her favorite rope toy. He bent down to nuzzle her and scratch her behind the ear. He really did love her. I think he just didn’t know how to treat a dog properly.

As we walked away, he shouted after me…”Will you bring her by to visit once in a while?” I shout back that of course I would. It was a bittersweet moment for me. I was so happy that I got Miss JYD, but I was also sad for the man. And of course worried he’d eventually get another dog to breed. But for now this pup was safe. It’s all I could wish for.

Junkyard 2

The Junkyard Dog is safe! She is currently at my vet’s office getting a much needed bath, shots and a full check up. And of course spayed.

Now I”m looking for someone to foster her. Please help me find her a foster home until she finds her forever home! Email me or leave a comment and I”ll get in touch.

Thank you everyone for asking how you can help. I’m going to take some photos of her now, so I’ll post them when I get back. Here is a donation button if you want to contribute. If you live locally and want to donate food or toys or whatever else you think a puppy would like, feel free. :)

Thank you very much.

JYD now named Harely found her forever home. It’s a good day. :-)

I know you are dying to see this sneak peek. There were so many great photos I had a hard time narrowing it down. Thank you so much for trusting me to photograph such an important milestone. Can you believe your baby girl has been in your life an entire year?

And now for the main event! Click the link below, turn up the volume and enjoy. I’ll send you an email when the full gallery is up and running.

Sneak Peek of Grace’s Birthday


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