Erin, Matt and their gorgeous girls.  What a fantastic time we had at the beach. Elizabeth was so cute and full of fun. Little Katie loved to hear my squeeky toy.  It brought fits of giggles each time I squeaked it.  I can’t wait for the rest of the photos to be edited.  Until then, here is a sneak peek.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!


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She is a diva, this tiny little girl. :) She is fearless too. She is a tiny little thing so Darrell wanted to change her name. She’s been the little Peanut for a while now. :)

I wonder what James is thinking? Watching everyone sing happy birthday, wondering when he is going to get CAKE! I love how he is peeking out from behind mom’s dress.


Chloe is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. She was all smiles. All day long! She even started to cry for a second, but then saw me with the camera and started giggling. So cute!


Big sister Sophie was having a blast. She can run and play like no other. Mom has her hands full with twins and a baby. Look at that face.



I am working on a new website. Dogs only. I figured it would be easier to keep the people separate. I am putting together some of my favorite dog photos from the past. I can’t believe how many pups I have photographed. Seriously! A ton! This one is Kai Nu, a deaf dog that loves the water, as you can tell. These were taken at Playa Del Rey beach around sunset. I just love the colors. And her giant smile. :)

Barks of Love and Fusaro Photography are teaming up to raise some money for the dogs! Remember that half of the money will go to Barks and the other half will go to you so you can purchase your prints.

First thing to do, pick your donation amount below. Then click on the photo to finish your registration.

Choose Your Donation Amount
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October 10th is going to be a fantastically fun day! The location will be in Orange County and I will be photographing your dogs and your families…all to benefit the dogs of Barks Of Love. Those sweet little pups who have yet to find their forever home. All the proceeds will go directly to Barks of Love. You pick the dollar amount you want to give. Fifty percent goes to Barks and fifty percent goes to you in the form of a print credit so you can purchase your photographs. Sessions are limited and are first come first serve, so book your session early to make sure you get a spot. Be sure to include your preferred time slot. A BOL representative will confirm your reservation and send you all the details.

Meet some of the dogs that Barks is helping.




Barks of Love has many other dogs available for adoption.


Gracie looking gorgeous as ever. I had been wanting to use the Culver City Lion Fountain as a location all summer, but not one family chose it. Summer is almost over! I NEED to photograph that fountain. So I call my trusty model Grace. Mom said of course. And brought a friend too.

Thanks Stephanie for helping me get my shot. ;)


I had so much fun photographing Arden and Grace at the Lion Fountain in Culver City. I’m still editing, but I wanted to get some of my favorites up. Arden is a sweet little boy and he loves his mommy. (As you can tell) He also loves fountains and had a blast playing in the water.

Steph, not to worry, Gracie photos are up next. Check back in a little while. Until then, enjoy your daughter’s best friend. :)

And The Winner Is….

Posted on August 20, 2009

Cartoon Lori
Sylvia Galloway

I’m looking forward to meeting your new baby boy and taking some great family portraits. Thanks for becoming a FB fan!

I absolutely love photographing first birthdays. And Chloe’s celebration was no different. Sophie and James (Chloe’s big brother and sister) were also so excited! There’s something about seeing the joy and pure exhilaration of kids. They just can’t contain themselves. I’m lucky I get to capture all that happiness. Mom did an amazing job on the decorations. Wait until you see the balloons and cake. Gorgeous.

Thanks Sujie and James for trusting me to photograph your little girl’s magical first birthday party! I can’t wait to finish editing the rest. Until then, enjoy the slide show. Don’t forget to adjust the volume. Enjoy!

Click here to view Chloe’s big day.

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