Moody Monday {Stiff}

Posted on December 31, 2009

Lensday {Juvenile}

Posted on December 31, 2009

Again I get to photograph a musical genius…renowned Italian musician Giovanni Allevi during (H)itWeek in Los Angeles. What a story! I’ll let you hear it from Giovanni’s lips. It’s amazing and I am honored I got to photograph him. And it was his first interview in English…ever! You’d never know it.

Here’s a little more info on this fantastic musician. And more at his official website. (makes me want to learn Italian!)

And last, but definitely not least, listen to his wonderful music. Can you believe he secretly taught himself? At age 5!

Photographing a Legend: Franco Battiato

Posted on December 30, 2009

I never know where my photography will take me. This year, I became a staff photographer for the online magazine i-italy. Who knew I would be asked to photograph an Italian Legend, Franco Battiato. When I told a few of my Italian friends what I was up to that weekend, I was amazed. Seems Franco Battiato is an Italian Mick Jagger or Paul McCartney. Wow! And what a nice man. So humble and sweet, you would never have guessed he was musical royalty!

If you ever saw Children Of Men with Clive Owen and Julianne Moore then you know one of his songs. And I think it’s my favorite version of Ruby Tuesday I’ve ever heard!

Franco Battiato interview

Take a look at Mr. Battiato’s website to learn more about him. :)

What a beautiful day it turned out to be! A big difference from last weekend. (our original shoot date) I almost never have to reschedule because of the weather. So glad I did, the day was perfect.

We decided on Griffith Park for our shoot. Our meeting place, the observatory. No one would be up there on a sunny afternoon. It’s a place to look at the STARS! Boy were we wrong. The parking lot was completely packed. I mean PACKED. Not to worry, we both had cell phones. Oops. I guess we forgot to think about cell reception. After a few lost calls, I decided to text Wendy the new location. Good thing!

I swear Riggins was a mind reader. Every time I thought of a new spot or was about to tell him to sit or lay down….He did it! Seriously. It was so funny. And what a good boy. So happy. So curious. And STRONG!

Wendy had a few changes and when she left for the bathroom, Riggins’ eyes followed her the whole way. And when he couldn’t see her anymore, he started to cry. Poor boy. I had to dig out my peanut butter jar to keep him happy. ;)

All in all, a fantastic shoot. Thanks Wendy! I’ll let you know when the rest of the photos are done. Until then, enjoy your sneak peek.

Bodhi and Mystic were the sweetest boys ever. Both seniors, but you’d never know it. They were so full of energy, I had a hard time keeping up with them!

Our plan was to start out at Karen’s house and then work our way down to the beach. I was ready for some shyness, but I didn’t have to worry about it at all. One sniff of my camera and then a big sniff of the famous blue pouch and that was all these boys needed to warm up. And they got a special treat….getting to hang out on the brand new sofa. Hope I didn’t start a bad habit!

This was a very special session. Mystic, the gorgeous white pup was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is doing fantastic, though. The meds are working miracles and he was so happy and full of energy. (but do keep him in your thoughts and prayers! I know Karen would appreciate it.)

Both Mystic and Bodhi had a blast at the beach. I think they sniffed every grain of sand in a 10 mile radius. Such good boys. They would take a break from sniffing to pose for me. And they are serious food mongers. Just like Gabby.

We wrapped things up back at the house and got some really cute family shots. I can’t wait to show you Karen! Until then, enjoy your sneak peek. Give those sweet boys a belly rub for me. :)


Donate To Barks Of Love Here

I don’t think I have to tell you that times are tough. Things are getting better for sure, but for new and grass root rescues it’s just not fast enough. As you know, I volunteer my time, my photography, sometimes my home (when the husband agrees! LOL) to many dog organizations. Recently Barks of Love has been top on my list. Remember the pumpkin patch photos? (LOVE THEM) And the calendar? (which, by the way is still on sale!)

Barks of Love is a true grass roots rescue organization. The wonderful group of guys and gals work tirelessly to place dogs in homes. Sometimes, their hearts are too big though. (Not a bad thing!!!) In the past few months, so many dogs have been turned into the shelters in and around Los Angeles. Some of them from good homes that have run into hard times. Some from abusive situations. Some just strays that knew whose yard to wander into.

I seriously don’t know how they do it. Walk into a shelter that is full to capacity. (and full means, in most cases HUNDREDS of homeless dogs.) There to pick up only one dog. All eyes on them, pleading to be rescued too. But the one thing that gets in the way is not enough money. No money to save those sweet dogs. So the only other option for many is to be put to sleep.


Anyway, one of the gals from the rescue shared with me their dire situation. They need a little extra help this month because their hearts are too big. (she didn’t say that! LOL But I do!) So, if you have an extra 10 bucks or 20 bucks please donate to Barks Of Love. It’s fully tax deductible.

AND….if you were planning on getting me a Christmas present, skip it and make a donation instead. Seriously. I have everything I need. These dogs don’t. :(

Donate To Barks Of Love Here

Thank you very much! I know the dogs will appreciate it and the team at Barks Of Love will too!

Looking for Doggie Models

Posted on December 10, 2009


I just found this fantastic doggie boutique. It’s called The Modern Dog. Their shop is so cute. It’s a craftsman style house on Abbott Kinney in Venice. LOVE IT! Since it was a house at one time, it’s like walking into someone’s chic and comfortable home…a home with tons of dogs! I love how they used the kitchen for all the dog food and treats. One of the bedrooms is where their gorgeous dog beds are displayed. They have the greatest collars, leashes and of course little doggie outfits. I couldn’t resist putting a cowboy hat on Gabby!

The owners, Guy and Lance are so nice too. That always makes it such a pleasure to shop. I think I spent 20 minutes just chatting with them about dogs and treats and animals. They have 2 gorgeous French Bulldogs. (You know I want to get my lens on those faces! The shop would make a great backdrop too!)

We don’t live too far, but there are closer pet stores. Gabby and I, however, will be making The Modern Dog our first choice. (We went there for her birthday yesterday and she got some delicious cupcake treats! Yes, my dog is spoiled! LOL)

So if you are ever in the Venice area, you definitely need to stop by and say hello. Like their business card says, For pets and their people. :)


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