This shoot was so much fun! Louie, Felicia, Bear and Sandy. Three mini me’s and a one with a Cheshire cat grin. Seriously. Bear’s smile was so funny. I think Kate is right. He got such a reaction the first time he smiled that now he knows it brings folks joy, so he does it on purpose. :)

Louie was a total ham. He loved posing for the camera. Sandy thought I was a very interesting specimen. She would look at me with such concentration. Bear, the puppy. A very well behaved puppy! He would sit. Smile (of course). He even danced. Such a clown. And Felicia. She was was like Greta Garbo. “I want to be alone”. She loosened up though. (TREATS!) LOL

Enjoy your sneak peek Kate & Mick! I’ll email you when the rest are ready.

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy these two love birds! (at the end of the slide show will be the button to enter your gallery)

Yep, I had a heck of a time picking the first look-see photos! I love every single image. Really. I can’t wait to photograph this wedding! In Napa! In a castle! And a cool couple too! AND….their dog is going to be in the ceremony. I’d say these are my kind of peeps. :)

We started at the dog park, then to downtown El Segundo. Then the Venice Canals. And last the beach at Santa Monica. I really had to keep an eye on my watch, because I kept seeing cool locations. Or they would do something funny. Or cute. Or I’d catch a glimpse of a something in their eyes. Yes, sir, I’d say these two are in love. With a capital L!

Parking was a bear in Venice. I forgot how crowded it gets, even in off times. I am usually am a great parallel parker, but I was nervous about the sun setting and this spot was on a slight curve, plus it was a busy street. I tried about 5 times. Felt like an idiot as all the locals were snickering and pointing at me and muttering “stupid tourist” under their breath…(well, maybe not that bad, but that’s sure what I felt like!) Anyway, I gave up and went to search for a new spot. Luckily I found one close by…but my tires were about a foot over the red line. I asked the cop on the corner if that was cool. Thank goodness he said yes. Off to meet Rebecca and Brian for a few quick canal shots. Then…to SM!

I know the very best spot to park in Santa Monica, so no parking woes at all. But the light was fading fast. Very fast! At least the clouds were gone and we actually were going to get a real sunset. Another really cool thing? (At least for Brian) The hotel we were meeting up at was where the Oaklahoma City Thunder basketball team was staying. Let’s just say, I had no idea who they were, but felt very, very short. About a dozen of them were milling about while I waited. (It was cool when I found out who they were!)

So here are the few I picked to share first. Seriously, it took me about an hour to chose. :) Enjoy! Rebecca and Brian, I can’t wait for you to see the rest!

Hero Alert! {A Real American Hero}

Posted on April 19, 2010

One half of the life savers of Bad Rap. The other half was running around helping me on photo day so I only got a handful of photos of her. (not to say Tim wasn’t helping me….LOL) Go meet them here.

And I’d say Loretta knows exactly who the hero is in this picture. He is definitely her hero. Thank you Tim and Donna for all you do. The world is a better place because you’re in it. (You didn’t know I was the sappy type, did you? ) ;)

What Are The Chances?

Posted on April 17, 2010

The husband and I went for a walk to downtown Culver City for dinner tonight. Nice little walk. We took Gabby. She loves going for walks and if food is involved? She LOVES it. There’s a new spot on Main Street that is awesome. It’s called Lunch. You should go there. Yum!

So we were sitting outside waiting for our food. Gabby was enjoying watching the people go by, enjoying the pets from the random kids and other folks. Then, one lady (Bonnie) comes up to us and says that Gabby looks just like her dog. We started chatting about our dogs…of course it comes up Gabby is a rescued dog. Bonnie’s dog was also a rescue. Since she couldn’t get over how much her dog looked like Gabby, I told her that Gabby was rescued with 7 puppies and wouldn’t it be funny if her dog was one of Gabby’s pups. (You know where this is going, right?) Bonnie said, our dog’s mom was named Snow White and Karma Rescue found them. Yep. Gabby AKA Snow White was rescued by Karma. Can you believe it? What are the chances of that, in LA, 6 years later.

We’re going on a play date next week. Do you think they will remember each other? So cool. Gabby gets to meet her grown up off spring. (Who has the same eyes and temperament as her mama. Her name is Loki)

Here is “Snow White” with her pups the day they rescued her. Can you believe how skinny? And how sad her eyes are?

Not anymore! Only big pit bull smiles now.

Family Means Everything

Posted on April 17, 2010

Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy the show!

I Love Dogs

Posted on April 17, 2010

Sally says…”What The Heck?!!?”

Posted on April 16, 2010

Romeo, Libby and Maddy. How cute are they? I had a blast with these guys. Maddy and Libby were rescued all the way from Montana. Wow! Thank you Rob and Helen for rescuing them. And thank you for asking me to photograph them. I got some shots I absolutely love! Portfolio worthy love! ;)

Enjoy these few shots…the rest will be uploaded later today. I’ll send you an email with all the info.

Family Sneak #2

Posted on April 15, 2010

What better way to celebrate tax day, than with a good looking family. How many dependents do you see in this photo? ;)

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