Did You Know I Love Dogs?

Posted on May 31, 2010

I think we need to live on a farm. Between our dog. Our cats. The stray cats we feed. The random dogs we find on the street. A neighbor just rang our bell and found 3! All dumped in the park at the end of our street. Who does that? I wish I could take them all in. I’m just glad I am able to do the little I do for these animals.

Here is more Duma and Shaka and their happy new lives in their wonderful home. :) Don’t forget to adjust the volume! I found another great song!

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the show! :)

Duma & Shaka

Posted on May 30, 2010

What an absolutely fantastic day! Kate, Nick and Olivia are such a joy to photograph. (That sounds corny, but it’s true!) I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this bunch for the last 3 years. The first session was at Kenneth Hahn park. Seriously, one of my all time favorite photos of Kate in the trees. You may have seen it in my portfolio. Still love it! Then, we went to the Getty Center. Gorgeous gardens and architecture.

And now the beach. Ocean, sand and fun! Well, fun except for the moment someone slipped off the rocks. I won’t go into detail, but there was a young hero at the scene! Way to go Kate! Not only gorgeous, but a quick thinker too. All in all a great way to start Memorial Day Weekend.

Thanks Lisa! Can’t wait to photograph you again. (with the new addition!) :) Enjoy your sneak peek. I’ll email you when the rest are up and ready for viewing!

(Don’t forget to adjust your volume. Great song with the slide show!)

Once again I was blown away by the folks at this event. And the dogs too. The families that raise these dogs from puppies for a blind person’s seeing eye dog are so selfless and wonderful. Really. I couldn’t do it. I’m so glad they are able to, because what a difference these dogs make in people’s lives.

It was so cool seeing the puppies from last year again. I got to photograph the “puppy exchange” ceremony last year too. It’s the event where the 18 month old dogs are ready to go on to the next step of their journey. Training camp. :) It’s also the day the new 8 week old puppies are given to their family for the first part of their training. Some families have been doing this for 17 years. Holy cow! That’s a lot of puppy training and a lot of seeing eye dogs. (Anyone out there that would like more information on becoming a puppy raiser, take a look here)

I also got to meet the blind people these dogs help so much. Truly amazing. Thank you so much Janet, for inviting me back. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek. I’ll email you when the rest are done and ready for viewing. Until then, enjoy!

I got up that morning, had my coffee, walked the dog, jumped in my car and headed to Burbank. The husband was already there. The film crew. The bikes. I stopped for gas. Called my dad on the cell phone when I was stuck in traffic. Things I do every day. Things I certainly take for granted. Things so ordinary, they don’t even register as anything really very important. As I think about the day’s shoot, it starts to dawn on me. These little things are important. They may sound mundane and ordinary, but I am able to do them whenever I want. Because I have the freedom to chose what I do. Because I have a healthy body to take me where I want to go. Because I live in the United States. I forget sometimes that others don’t have these luxuries. And yes, they are luxuries. I forget that some have given their lives, their healthy bodies and their heart and soul so I can live the life I do. So that I can drive to Burbank and photograph the Wounded Warriors as they prepare to ride in the Soldier Ride. So that my husband can film these men and women that chose to fight for what they believe in and for this country we live in. For freedom. So that others can protest the things they do not believe in. So that we can speak our mind. So that we can all live the lives we wish to live. How would it feel if we couldn’t? Walk. Talk. See. Love. Drive. Learn. Enjoy. Relax.

Thank you. I tried to think of a better way to say it, but all I could come up with is thank you. Very much.

Turn up the volume and enjoy. The song is by Ryan Huston called “When You Think Of Me”. Very beautiful and very fitting. I’m sure many of the warriors will be taking a look at this slide show, so leave a comment for them to read. I know they’d love to see the support they have.

I loved this session. I have to admit, though, when parents of adult kids are involved, I get nervous. My goofy, silly style is not always what the older generation is up for. I didn’t have to worry about this family. Mom and Dad were visiting from Minnesota. Cheryl (the lovely daughter) wanted to get some family shots while they were here. Of course the fur-grandkids were included. They just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. WOW! I should be so lucky. Congratulations on such a milestone. Can’t wait to show you the rest. Until then, enjoy your sneak peek!

Working Dogs

Posted on May 22, 2010

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