GIZMO! I love this face. Look at all those very long whiskers. :)

Well hello there – glad to meet you – my name is Trinket

I am an 8 yr old, 15lb, female Norwich mix terrier (mix unknown)- don’t let my age fool you – I’m very active and I LOVE to go on walks with my foster mom.

I was rescued from the Pasadena shelter with my sister because my former owner passed away =(

I’m not very big – only 12 pounds and I’m such a loving little girl – I get along with other dogs but I would also love being an only dog – either way is ok with me.

My foster mom say’s she can tell how grateful I am at being rescued – I have a jewel of a personality and I’m so sweet and quiet

– if Barks of Love hadn’t of stepped in and saved me – my chances as a senior making it out of the shelter were slim to none – I am thankful for them but I would love to find somewhere to live out my senior years out- could that be with you?

pls contact:
Danielle Robillard

Meet Buddy {Needs A Home}

Posted on July 26, 2010

We have the sweetest, cutest, most adorable dog in the world, that unfortunately, we need to find a new home for. We got him from the shelter @ 3 mos old in May 2009, so now he’s 16 months and full grown at 25 pounds. We think he’s a lab/cocker mix.

Buddy gets along well with our cat and he loves going to the Dog Park (on the small-dog side… the larger dogs make him nervous when they all crowd around him, though he’s played with larger dogs one-on-one before.).

We want to make sure that he goes somewhere that won’t have children around.

He loves to play and go for walks. He also likes to snuggle on the sofa.

Sheila 949-636-1601

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Posted on July 25, 2010

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Adopt Me {}

Posted on July 24, 2010

Meet Jade!

Jade was rescued from South Los Angeles with barely any time to spare!! Jade is super sweet, loves dogs, and loves playing. She’s a young gal who needs to learn some manners, but she’s smart and will do well with training.

Jade is approximately 7 months old and weighs about 40lbs. Her crate training is coming along great, and she’s potty trained

If you can help this cutie grow up to be a happy and healthy pup, contact us!

pls contact:
Danielle Robillard
All puppies 6 months and younger – $350 Adoption Donation
All dogs 7 months to one year – $300 Adoption Donation
All dogs over one year – $250 Adoption Donation

Slowly but surely, we are redecorating the house. We had the bathroom remodel which turned out FANTASTIC!!

I’ll have to take photos with the artwork up. (that is the hardest process! Finding original artwork that both D and I love.)

Now we are working on the living room. We got rid of all the big pine furniture, the couch, the clutter. We found our couch. Which I love!
The room is all tan/beige/khaki and NEEDS color! My red photo chair is in there at the moment, but only until we find a real chair. I have known about Etsy for a while, but never really thought about getting anything from there. Until my neighbor Rachael showed me a photo of a baby nursery. It was a woodland animal theme and had the cutest pillows. They brought a smile to my face. So I searched the internet for the designer. Low and behold, she was on Etsy. When I saw you could get custom colors for all her stuff, I had to order them. So I did. I love them. They add COLOR! And make me smile. So these cute pillows are an awesome find….now to finish the rest of the room. :) (They won’t stay on the red chair, they will end up on the couch…)

Thank you Mika! I’m so glad I found you and your fantastic shop, Cuore!

PS See the open shutters? Enzo has learned how to do that, so he can talk to Sammy the feral cat that lives on our porch. :) You can barely make him out in the bottom right corner.

Adopt Me {}

Posted on July 21, 2010

Meet Coco!

6 month old Coco was rescued from the Pasadena Humane Society. She participated in their basic training classes and did great. She knows sit, stay and down!

Coco weighs around 30-40 lbs, very friendly with people, cats and dogs! She’s still a pup, so she’s learning some manners, but she already walks great on a leash and is eager to please.

Contact us about adopting this sweetheart who was overlooked at the shelter for too long.

Contact Us:

pls contact:
Danielle Robillard
All puppies 6 months and younger – $350
Adoption Donation
All dogs 7 months to one year – $300 Adoption Donation
All dogs over one year – $250 Adoption Donation
Your adoption donation includes:
Vet Evaluation
Flea Treatment
Dewormer/Fecal Exam
Spay/Neuter *
Appropriate Vaccinations (based on age)

**Coco** is up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

Adopt Me {}

Posted on July 20, 2010

Meet Cody!

Meet *CODY*, a super sweet 10 month old, male, neutered puppy who was rescued after being dumped at the pound by his owners. He looks like the cartoon character Bolt from the Walt Disney movie! He was listed as a Chihuahua , but we suspect him to be an American Eskimo mix. He currently weighs 17 pounds and has probably reached his adult size. He has a gorgeous, soft coat and although it’s difficult to see in his pictures, he has pale, cream markings on his back – he is absolutely stunning and these pictures don’t do this cutie any justice!

He is active, friendly, and loves people, including children! He loves to give kisses and will bond very quickly to his new family. He is okay with some dogs with a slow introduction, but prefers human company much more. He is people-oriented so we would like to see him adopted into a home where he will get lots of human interaction. He cannot be housed with cats.

He is leash trained, crate trained, and working on house training. He needs an active family who will provide him with continued training, exercise, socialization, and lots of love.

*CODY* is currently in a foster home patiently waiting for his forever home. Could it be with you?

pls contact:
Danielle Robillard
Adoption Coordinator

Meet Ferris
Needs TEMP foster
Ferris is an adorable Australian Shepherd/Keeshound mix with tons of love for everyone. He’s about 11 months old and was rescued from the Pasadena Shelter mid-February where his previous owners had abandoned him.

He’s got tons of energy and would love to be in a home where his owner needs an exercising buddy, or with another dog that he could play with. He absolutely loves the dog park and the dog beach and has never shown aggression towards other dogs.

Since moving in with his foster parents he has learned sit, lie down, and stay (although he needs to continuing working on these), and is fully housebroken. Ferris is an adventurous, outgoing guy who just wants to give and get tons of love.

Ferris would be better is a home with children over 10 years of age as he is still in his puppy stage and may knock them over

Could you give Ferris a forever home?

pls contact:
Danielle Robillard
Adoption Director

Happily Ever After {Susan & Bill}

Posted on July 10, 2010

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the wedding day of the lovely Susan and very handsome Bill. And all the other cast of characters that shared their special day. Congratulations you two! :) (at the end of the slide show will be a link to the rest of the photos, so be sure to click on it! The password is where they met! :) )

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