CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!  You’ll be receiving an email soon regarding shoot times and location.  I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!  Very excited to photograph all the pups too!

TOP DOGS {Barks Of Love Calendar}

Posted on August 27, 2010

There’s still a few more days to vote, but so far, these are the ones that have the most votes as of today.


And pushing their way in….only 1 – 3 votes behind:

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Nothing I write could ever match the look in their eyes as they see each other for the very first time on their wedding day. So, turn up the volume, sit back and take a peek at the love in Brian and Rebecca’s eyes.

Evan is visiting his grandmother for a few weeks. When I first met him, he “pretended” to be shy. Let me tell you, shy is not a word I’d use to describe him. LOL Fun. Yes! A ham? Absolutely. High energy. You bet. :) After he got tired of pretending to be shy, it was non stop action. Hey, I want to show you this! Wait, let’s go there! Fits of giggles. Lots of hamming it up for the camera. Running up the stairs. Opening doors. Back down the stairs. Now look here! Let’s go color. Who could forget making lemonade. Or the very best place on earth….The Garage! With a door that goes up and down. Automatically! For a little boy, this house is paradise. :) For me a paradise of photo ops. :) I had a fantastic time photographing little Evan. Hope he comes back for a visit soon and we can do it again!

Now sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a day with Evan. Full of fun, happiness and energy!

Jungle Love In Napa Valley {Safari West}

Posted on August 25, 2010

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a safari ride through the hills of Napa Valley.

Gorgeous Men {Napa Destination Wedding}

Posted on August 25, 2010

Rebecca is one lucky wife.  ;)  She knows that already.  When I first met Brian, they were just dating.  No where close to tying the knot.  Secretly, I hoped that Brian would propose.  He is seriously one of the most wonderful guys I’ve ever met.  He’s up there with my husband.  A keeper.  FINALLY, he proposed.  (So happy you did, Brian.  I think you know you got one heck of a bride too!)

I was shocked that he didn’t seem nervous on his wedding day.  Just full of smiles.  Full of joy.  Full of excitement.  Every time I saw him with the groomsmen they were laughing and having such a good time.  And let me tell you, the groomsmen are equally as special as Brian.  Not sure how such a group of guys found each other, but every one is a good catch.  ;) How many are still single?  Girls, grab ‘em while you can!  LOL

And the day wouldn’t be complete without a nervous dad writing his speech.  Or a  best man, hanging on tight to the rings.

I loved seeing all the dads interacting too.  It’s like they had known each other forever and now they were just making it official.  Family.  Friends.  On one very speical day.

And this is my very favorite shot.  I didn’t realize until the ceremony was almost beginning, but Brian’s room was directly below Rebecca’s.  At various times throughout the day, I’m sure they were looking out their windows at the very same moment, thinking about the other.  Wondering what each was doing at that very moment.  So excited to see each other at the chupah and start their new life together.  I hope you are enjoying your first few weeks of being married.  :)

Bride Gets Ready {Napa Valley Wedding}

Posted on August 24, 2010

First off, I have never seen so much love and joy in one room. (Rebecca, your friends and family are awesome. They love you so much! But you already know that!) I arrived early. But not as early as the bride! She must have been running on pure adrenaline. And excitement. :) When I first saw her wedding dress, it took my breath away. The detail was incredible. The perfect mix of modern and vintage. Just beautiful. And the green shoes! Manolo Blahnik , of course. Even the bride’s maid’s shoes were stunning.

I love this photo of the the bride’s sister, Rachel.  I wonder what she was thinking in this moment.  I see a sister’s love and maybe a few memories flashing by in her mind.  I know they share a special bond.  And mom, Tami’s happiness filled the room.  The champagne was flowing.  The chatter, the excitement, the anticipation.  ;) It’s finally Rebecca’s wedding day!  In a few short hours, she will be marrying the man of her dreams.

And the hair and makeup?  Absolute perfection. It was so much fun watching the girls transform right before my eyes.  Brandyn and the gang were amazing. Funny thing…when Rebecca was looking for vendors in Napa, she asked me if I knew anyone up there.  The only one I knew was Sarah Lane. (A fantastic photographer! You should see her Senior Shots.  LOVE them!)  Anyway, Sarah recommended David Magna Workshop.  I didn’t know until I got there, that Rebecca’s mother in law also recommended them.  What a great group of people.  Definitely use them if you need hair and makeup.  (And I was so bummed I didn’t get to actually meet Sarah in person!  Next time I’m up there, I’ll make sure I have the time!)

There were also some bitter sweet moments.  To hear Rebecca’s mom tell stories of her growing up and as a little girl brought tears to my eyes.  It’s not always an easy thing, letting go of the little girl she once was.  But as Tami, said, she’s also gaining an amazing son-in-law.  And I love these moments.  Such beautiful memories.

Finally it was time.  The finishing touches were…finished.  The guests had arrived.   The officiant was in place.  The groom was waiting.  Now all that was left?  Rebecca, the gorgeous bride to walk down the aisle, meet her prince and live happily ever after.

Where to begin? Where to begin? The wedding weekend was so amazing. From our very first meeting, I was so excited about this celebration. It was going to be my first “destination wedding” and Brian and Rebecca were thrilled to share the details of their vision. I was sold the moment they mentioned wanting to include London, their dog, in both the engagement photos and the ceremony. :) Then they started talking about gorgeous Napa Valley, The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone where the ceremony and reception would be held, miles and miles of vineyards and a safari complete with giraffes and monkeys.  I could barely contain my excitement! The only problem? I had to wait a year for the fun!

Finally, the weekend arrived.  We woke up on friday morning ready for the big safari. Let me tell you, we were not disappointed. As the husband and I drove the winding Napa Valley roads we were overwhelmed with the beautiful countryside. What a place for a new beginning.  Like a fairytale wedding.  Both of us were ready to pack our bags, load up the animals and make the move north.  LOL We arrived at Safari West and took a few couple shots around the grounds. Then the guest began to arrive.

Smiles and hugs were flying around.  You could feel the excitement in the air.  Brian and Rebecca were getting married!  And what a way to start the festivities!  With cheetahs and monkeys and ostrich. Oh my!  ;)  (More on the ostrich later….)  After everyone gathered and photos were finished being taken, we went to eat lunch.  Yum!  The food was delicious.  Chicken grilled on an open fire.  Safari beans.  Pasta. Fresh fruit.  And strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Everyone was stuffed…but ready for the main event.  The animals!  I had already gotten a sneak peek of some of them and let me tell you, everyone was in for an exciting ride.  We all climbed into the waiting trucks.  (Can you tell I didn’t feel like I was the hired help?  LOL  Everyone was so incredibly nice and really made us feel so welcome. )

The safari guides were amazing.  They were so knowledgeable and shared all kinds of stories and tips about the animals.  The husband was fascinated with the giraffe and how they gave birth standing up.  The baby falling 6 feet to the ground wasn’t so bad…it’s what broke the umbilical cord and forced them to breath.  Thank goodness I’m not a giraffe.  Doesn’t sound like a pleasant way to enter the world.  I was in love with the cheetahs.  I was thrilled to learn they got to roam the 400 acre ranch and loved their trainers so much they follow them on their rounds across the land.  :)  We saw Cape Buffalo, antelope, wildabeest, zebra and ostrich!  Oh, those ostrich were funny birds.  Well, funny to all of us in the truck except one.  ;) But I’ve been sworn to secrecy.  I can’t reveal what really happened.  Let’s just say one of those birds thought someone looked like a fellow ostrich and fell in love.  She wouldn’t move.  Our guide tried everything to shoo her away.  Finally, she had to call a fellow guide and the two of them finally got that ostrich to leave.  (And really, there were only lots of giggles and not screams of terror.  ;) )

All in all, it was a fantastic way to start Brian and Rebecca’s wedding weekend.  Thank you so much for including us on your special day.  This is the first of your sneak peeks.  Check back over the next few days for more.  I’ll send you an email when all your photos are ready for viewing.  I’ll leave you with my two favorite animal shots.  :)

My neighbors sweet pup saying hello to all everyone in the neighborhood. Sadly, she passed away last year. I found this photo when I was looking for another one. Had to post it.

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