Evan is visiting his grandmother for a few weeks. When I first met him, he “pretended” to be shy. Let me tell you, shy is not a word I’d use to describe him. LOL Fun. Yes! A ham? Absolutely. High energy. You bet. :) After he got tired of pretending to be shy, it was non stop action. Hey, I want to show you this! Wait, let’s go there! Fits of giggles. Lots of hamming it up for the camera. Running up the stairs. Opening doors. Back down the stairs. Now look here! Let’s go color. Who could forget making lemonade. Or the very best place on earth….The Garage! With a door that goes up and down. Automatically! For a little boy, this house is paradise. :) For me a paradise of photo ops. :) I had a fantastic time photographing little Evan. Hope he comes back for a visit soon and we can do it again!

Now sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a day with Evan. Full of fun, happiness and energy!

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