Everything Italian! The jewels, the cars, the people, the food. It was a grand, week long celebration. The Italian Trade Commission sure knows how to throw a party. Here are a few of my favorite photos. The rest will be ready by friday!

Fino a quel momento, godere!

Olson Family Fun

Posted on June 8, 2011

Caution! Crazy Man Alert!

Posted on June 1, 2011

I love this family. Really. Craziness and all. They were so much fun. And, I might add, made my job easy as pie! They were up for anything. Climb a tree?  No problem. Jump in the air? How high? Act silly while a million strangers BBQ at the  park.? Of course!

Here are just a few of my favorites. Can’t wait to show you guys the rest!  I’ll shoot you an email when they’re all done! Until then, enjoy!