Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy.

What a gorgeous bride. A very handsome groom. The perfect weather. Family and friends sharing love and togetherness. I couldn’t have been more honored to capture the love between Casey and Kea. It’s beautiful.

More to come but for now the couple gets ready for their big day. Make up by the wonderful Roxy Paris. Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy.

Molly’s Crew Race For Rescue!

Posted on October 8, 2012


Mission Complete {Jacinda Leaves LA}

Posted on October 4, 2012

with red

So today is the day Jacinda leaves Los Angeles for good. Sweet mama girl is headed for greener pastures…quite literally. :-) She is off to find her new family in the gorgeous state of Oregon with Born Again Pit Bull Rescue. The amazing Angela Adams is waiting on her end with arms wide open.

Jacinda is the dog I saw on one of my trips to the Carson Shelter. I don’t know her history, but she has had a very hard life. She has lost much of her fur. She has patches of raw sores. Her skin is covered in mange. (Mange is a treatable skin affliction caused my mites. It’s itchy. It makes the skin thick and if left untreated, turns into a condition that looks much like Jacinda) She has been overbred. The vet said she was probably bred every single time she went into heat. She looks like a granny, but in reality she is just about two.

But that is all in the past. Today she is on the way to her new home…and I am driving her there.


I pick her up at the vet that has been treating and boarding her since she was sprung from the shelter. Sweet girl is happy to get out for a walk. The vet techs and staff say goodbye. Jacinda is a little apprehensive as I bring her to my car. She’s probably only been in one a few times…and never ending up in a happy place. She goes right in, though, like a good little girl.

We’re off. I have a long drive ahead of me. The drop-off point is over the hill…in the Valley. Yes, the destination is only about 20 miles from where I live, but in Los Angeles, those miles could take hours to drive. ;) I have made sure I have plenty of time. Famous last words.

Jacinda absolutely loves having her nose out the window. I don’t know how she will be in the car, so I have her leashed safely and the windows cracked just enough for her to sniff the wind.

We drive along the neighborhood streets. I call Angela to let her know we are on our way. Next up, the freeway entrance. I take a peek while waiting for the light…Woo Hoo..No traffic! I breathe a sigh of relief.

Jacinda and I are listening to 80’s pop and enjoying the smells and smooth ride. And then I get to The Getty Center…otherwise known as the Sepulveda Pass or the Gates To Hell. Traffic is at a dead stop. Dead. Stop. No worries though. I planned for this. I still have an hour to make it to the drop off location. Twenty minutes later, I have moved roughly a block.

It’s about this time that I smell something familiar. Dog farts. Yes Miss Jacinda can fire them off, although they are silent, they are deadly. Very deadly. The odor is enough to make me gag. And then I realize Jacinda doesn’t have gas. She crapped in the backseat. A huge pile of steaming, hot poop. Poor girl! I don’t know if it was nerves or the car motion, but let me tell you, it was one of the biggest craps I have ever seen. Only second to the one she took before we got into the car.

I am still on the freeway and there is no place for me to pull off. Besides, now I am running behind because of traffic. So poor mama girl has to stay in the backseat next to her ginormous poop. And of course she is oblivious to it and decides to sniff out the other window. Yep, walking right through the crap. Can you guess what happened next?

She decided she needed to pee. Again. I watched from the rear view mirror as she squatted. The pee mixed with the poop and got all over her feet. Gotta love the smell of semi-new car, hot fresh pee and a steaming pile of poop. Of course I had to get it on camera. There I was, almost late, stuck in slow-moving traffic, filming mama girl and her mess. :-)

Earlier I had taken a spin class and so I had my dirty clothes and towel handy. I threw that in the backseat to cover up the mess as best I could without actually seeing where to put the towels and t-shirts. I did not want Jacinda to lay in it and not be able to have a bath before she boarded the bus. That would have been way too uncomfortable.

But, Jacinda had other ideas. She wanted to be as far away from the stink as possible. First she tried to get up front with me. Sorry, baby girl, no can do. She settled for the floor and curled up for a nap.

That’s when my phone started to ring. The bus was fully loaded and ready to go. Sandy wanted to know how much longer I had to go. Yes. I am officially late. I look at my Garmin. I have 6 miles to go. I look at the traffic. I’m guessing it will take me 25 minutes to get there…if I am lucky. Sandy tells me they cannot wait. They are on a schedule and if they aren’t driving, that means no air condition for the dogs. She said to give her a few minutes, she would see what she could do and would call me back.

Of course I am thinking I am the worst transport person ever. I am totally bummed out that I misjudged my time. I am freaking out that I will have to tell Angela I failed and missed the bus. I look at Jacinda and am so sad she will have to go back to the kennel for a few more weeks. And then I push the gas pedal as far down as I can and jet off as fast as my Kia will take me. I think I was channeling Mario Andretti.

Sandy calls back and confirms my worst fear. They have waited as long as they can. I curse the Los Angeles traffic. Then Sandy says I can drive further and meet up with them at their first stop. Yes! I don’t have to think twice.

The only problem…I suck at directions. I have no sense of north or east, left or right. The freeways are a mystery to me. I’m not in my home neighborhood. I sometimes turn left when I am told to turn right. Sandy tells me where to go.

“Stay on the 405. Then get on the 118, then on the 5 going north. Then get off on the Rexford exit. Go a little way and we’ll be at the Denny’s. You can’t miss it.”

I laugh. She apparently doesn’t know the depths of my directional handicap. I silently pray.

Hurray! All goes well. I find the 118. Then Sandy calls. The exit is actually called Roxford. I say OK. Then (thank God) I ask her how long I should drive on the 118 before the 5 comes up. She doesn’t know exactly, but says something about going east. Holy crap. I am going west! At this point I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Or run away because I am sure Sandy is about to kill me.

I get off the freeway, turn around and get back on…going east. I see signs for the 5. Hallelujah! I pull onto the ramp and am met with…wait for it…wait for it…TRAFFIC! Bumper to bumper. Kill me now.

Jacinda senses we have stopped and comes out of her cubbyhole. She sniffs the air. Wags her tail. And then like Moses himself has parted the Red Sea the traffic starts moving. It was really crazy. For about 5 minutes all I could see were red taillights. And then, all of a sudden the cars start speeding up…to the normal 65 mph.

Jacinda did not appreciate the shift of the car. She threw up.

Poor Jacinda agrees with me that this is the car ride from hell. But she’s a trouper and decides she likes her cubbyhole much better. She disappears onto the floor.

Finally I reach my exit. I see the Denny’s. I call Sandy to let her know I’m RIGHT HERE! She tells me that they had to go to another location because there were no parking spaces in the lot. She gives me directions. I laugh…manically. :-)

And finally…for real this time…I see the bus. I see Sandy. I park. Praise the Lord. We made it. I grab Jacinda’s medical records. I grab some Wet Ones I have in the trunk. Wipe off mama girl. (And she was very careful! She hardly got any gruesomeness on her!)

Jacinda looked around. Peed again. Sandy took care of the paperwork. I said my goodbyes to mama girl. Picked her up and loaded her on the bus. Her bus to true freedom. Her journey to love. Goodbye LA and hello Oregon.

I sat in my car for a few minutes and watched as the bus drove away. I couldn’t help but smile. What an amazing feeling…to be a part of something so life changing…something so momentous…I was so full of happiness for Jacinda. I was filled with gratitude for Angela. And Neda. And Sandy. And Steve. So many people pulling for a once lost soul that had no hope. Giving her a chance. Giving her a brand new life. And through my happy thoughts, I smelled poop. And I laughed. Alone in my car…Like a crazy person. :-)