Wings Of Rescue Transport The Desert Dogs

Posted on December 8, 2012

What a day! What a month! I can’t believe that 40 of the desert dogs have been whisked away by Wings Of Rescue on their 2012 Holiday Transport….to a new life and a chance at a forever home. When Lola asked me to photograph these dogs I had no idea how incredible this experience would be. The caring people I have met…Wow. It’s truly inspiring and gets me all teary-eyed. Today was a big day for about 400 dogs and cats from all over LA. I saw many familiar faces including Rene from Rock and Rescue.

I met Sassy and Corndog’s pilot. Two of the most wonderful folks I’ve ever met…Megan and Steve. And guess what? Sassy and Corndog had the plane all to themselves. LOL First class all the way. They were met at the airport by another pair of special people…Jill and Joanne. You may remember them from a few months ago when they adopted the senior boy, Blue. (also from LA and transported north) They took these lucky pups to their brand new home with my friend Donna. I’ll let her do the big welcome announcement.

Some of the other dogs went further north. Angela another friend I’ve never met :-) was there to meet the dogs going to rescues in Portland. You might remember she took Jacinda not too long ago. :-)

I am still blown away that so many strangers came together to help a few hundred homeless animals…many who were on death row. Not anymore. Here’s to brand new beginngings! Turn up the volume, sit back and enjoy the big day.