Silver Hearts The Book

Posted on June 13, 2013

RosieFBI am completely blown away by the support for this project! In just a few short days together we have raised almost 20% of the total needed to fully fund this project. Wow. Thank you! The dogs thank you too.

Kickstarter is an all or nothing crowdrise platform, so if we don’t hit our goal, all the pledges go back to where they came from. So keep spreading the word and sharing. And remember that no amount is too small. Together we WILL make a difference for these old souls.

I set a lofty goal. $35,000. I want to do it right. :-)

The book printing will be a big chunk. But if I raise all the money through Kickstarter for the printing then ALL the proceeds from the sale of the books will go to the rescues and the dogs.

I also want to have extra copies to give to rescues to use for their own fundraising efforts through auctions and such. I am gathering together a list of reputable rescues that work with seniors. If you volunteer for one, please let me know.

The remaining funds raised via kickstarter will allow me to print posters to give to pet stores, shelters, rescues…(whoever wants them) to put in towns all over the country. I want to help spread the message that ‘love doesn’t keep track of years’ and senior dogs are valuable family members.

I am also going to see if bus stops around the country will donate space for the posters. And many places now have those electronic billboards. I’m talking to Clear Channel to donate space to run the public service announcements there too.

My other hope for the excess funds is to rescue one older dog per month for a year. I have already made connections with rescues all over that will take the dogs I pull (if space is availabe at that time). I want to be able to pay for their medical bills too. (At least a big chunk of it…and some dogs will need less and others more.)

And of course I want to help others who see a senior dog in need.

I have big dreams. haha

So if you love old animals pledge, share and let’s get this project funded!