Clifford {Sneak Peek}

Posted on December 17, 2013

And now for a much more dignified look at the family. :-) Outtakes here.







Clifford The Big Black Dog {Outtakes}

Posted on December 16, 2013

Early morning at the beach. A perfect day. Gorgeous blue sky and just a few whisps of white clouds. Yes it was cold, but cold in Los Angeles is…well…not really cold. Unless…someone decides to take a dip into the frigid ocean. No worries. We had no plans for that. Just a relaxed family photo session.

Clifford…105 pounds of pure love. A big boy who loves treats. And so well behaved! He was a natural. Sit. Stay. Release. Mom and dad were ready for their closeup. And so we made our way to the water with a few stops along the way.

And then we reach the ocean. And. There. Were. Birds! Lots and lots of birds. Clifford loves squirrels. And birds! He sat patiently watching them. Wanting mom to turn him loose. But we weren’t done with our shoot. And so he decided to see if mom was paying attention. He just couldn’t help himself. A tiny spill in the sand. (Too bad we didn’t notice how close the tide was creeping in!)


Clifford was a good boy and waited some more. But it was taking forever and he wanted to play with the birds. And so…he took matters into his own hands. In a matter of seconds Debbie found out just how cold it can get in Los Angeles on a crisp fall morning!


What a trooper! For a minute I felt horrible I kept shooting. (But…in my defense, by the time I took the camera away from my eye it was over and I rushed to help.) But there was no need to feel bad. Both Debbie and Ralph turned to me and said…Did you catch that?!!? LOL