Doggy Photo Day

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(as told by Donna Reynolds of BADRAP)

“It takes a special brand of dog lover to capture the essence of a dog’s individual personality inside of a twenty minute photo shoot, and Los Angeles photographer Lori Fusaro showed us how it’s done during her recent photo shoot in Oakland.

It was a long, tiring and fantastic day and every single dog was treated like a super star. She rolled around on the ground with the dogs, laughed, teased and tickled them into giving up some magical moments now caught on film. Every BR supporter who scored a hard-to-get photo session walked away saying, “Wow,” and now we’re all loving the results of the day. Check out this slideshow with Lori’s FAVORITE PICKS. Be prepared to get the song stuck in your head all. day. long.

Lori’s work is sublime. I’ve been lucky enough to see all the proofs and can’t wait to string some of them out here over upcoming days/weeks for all to oogle. Two of my favorites are of Loretta (below). She’s one of the dogs that was seized in the Oakland scumbag breeder raid. Just lookit that face …

Loretta is another one of those anomaly dogs: She’s covered head to toe in fight scars, but instead of throwing down, she seems to go out of her way to play bow and wag at fellow dogs. The kicker was when her foster mom reported that she went into play bow for some stuffed animals that were displayed inside dog crates at the pet store. Okay – that’s kookie, but we’ll take it!

This little girl is so well adjusted that we figure she’s going to go move out of her ‘get-to-know-you’ evaluation period and go up for adoption as soon as she’s spayed. If you’re shopping for a new love, you would be so wrong to pass this girl up. She’s the reason we all love pit bulls so very much.

Speaking of crates, we want to thank Pet Food Express for donating enough for each of the bust dogs we took in from the Oakland case. Thanks guys! … and thanks again to Lori for your brilliant vision.”

So do you want to book your very own doggy photo day to raise lots of money and have lots of fun doing it? Contact Lori(AT) for all the details.