Photographer Lori Fusaro focuses on the spontaneity of life. She relies on her skills as a Photojournalist to capture her subjects in action. The results are exciting candid portraits. Lori’s gift of getting along with kids and animals has lead to some of the most extraordinary moments ever captured on film.

Lori is very enthusiastic about being able to share her love of animals, in her dog photographs. She volunteers for a dog rescue group, Culver City-based Karma Rescue, devoted to rescuing and finding homes for death-row dogs.

After meeting many of the dogs and helping out at Saturday adoptions, Lori was inspired to do more to help them get adopted and to raise money for their care. She photographs many of the Karma dogs for their website. Lori says, “A good photograph gets people interested in meeting the dogs. And once they meet them, they fall in love and adopt! If my photography can help find a dog a home, then I’ll continue clicking away!”

Lori’s fundraising efforts is not limited to Karma Rescue. Lori is delighted to help any animal rescue or group. She started doing photo days to help raise money. She also donates her time to photograph and design calendars, for which all the proceeds go to the rescue group.

Rande Levine, the founder of Karma Rescue says, “Lori has a gift and I am so awed that she gives it away so freely for the animals. Her generosity is amazing. We could never ever ever afford to buy such talent or such services because Lori’s gift is priceless. And so is Lori.”